Lisa Buros-Hutchins


My name is Lisa Buros-Hutchins and my path to the amazing world of luxury travel began with a move to Paris many years ago holding onto a dream of living ‘la vie parisienne’.  Yes, I admit it was a bit of a leap as I did not speak French or know a soul... However I was absolutely fascinated by Paris and there was no place else that intrigued me more.

Fast forward some years and I managed to make a wonderful life for myself, along with some pretty fabulous friends.  I picked up the language, as well as worked my way up the ranks to run one of the largest English-speaking tourist companies in Europe, specializing in Paris.

Your World Experience is the evolution of private speciality travel to Paris. I founded Your Paris Experience in 2009 and through my experiences working with clients designing their travels to Paris, I eventually expanded my company to also handle travel to Rome (Your Rome Experience) and London (Your London Experience).

In 2014 I signed on to become an independent affiliate one of the top Virtuoso travel agencies in America. I now have the incredible ability to help clients with whom I have built strong relationships designing their travel to Paris to now realize their travel dreams around the world to other amazing destinations. 

Through my relationships I have access to an invitation-only network of luxury travel providers that is nothing less than a black book of the Best of the Best in luxury travel.  I am privileged to work with the top industry experts and companies in ever aspect of luxury travel from cruising to safaris, exotic travel to private jet travel and everything else in between.  

It is amazing to me what is now available for people who want to see and explore this magnificent world, and I know no greater pleasure than being able to help you experience it!

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Your Paris Experience / Your London Experience / Your Rome Experience