Clients say it best...real feedback from real clients!

Dear Lisa,

Once again, I am deeply indebted to you and your company, Your World Experience, for yet another “trip of a lifetime!”  Your impeccable attention to every detail for our trip to Vienna, Budapest and Paris truly made for a magical winter vacation!

I chose those three cities because of their diversity, and Paris, of course, because I just love Paris.  Your contacts in each city, having immediate and reliable transport to and from hotels, trains and airports, created a  seamless and carefree experience.  I cannot imagine travelling and leaving anything to chance-and your relationships with only excellent companies, drivers, restaurants, hotels, guides-well-this list goes on-gave us an amazing sense of well-being (as two women) and just made for wonderful tours, meals and made each and every moment SO MUCH FUN!

Having been to Paris several times, and taking a friend for the first time, I had asked you to create a true first time “Paris Experience”, and that you did.  From the magnificent location of our hotel, Le Saint, which was within walking distance of everything, to the unique and remarkable meals at special restaurants, I could not have asked for more, and my friend was just mesmerized at every turn-truly!

I must give credit to our lovely guides and accommodations in Budapest and Vienna-elegant, comfortable hotels, caring and knowledgeable guides who were intent on showing us a good time, and made themselves available to us while we were in their cities.  What a comfort to have that connection!

Thank you, Lisa, for your love of travel and your knowledge of just getting it right, EVERY SINGLE TIME!  I look forward to our next trip, and cannot imagine doing it without you!

With much appreciation and fondness,
— Linda and Heather

Thank you, Lisa!

It was another amazing trip, with the most incredible experiences for our family. I can’t thank you enough!

A friend asked what the best part was and I realized instantly that it was the people we met. Our guides in Tokyo and in Hong Kong were absolutely outstanding - knowledgeable, passionate, kind, and professional. Then the people they introduced us to, Samurai sword experts and a Taiko drum master and a wise and delightful old Tai Chi teacher - all were remarkable.

There is a saying that we should try to maximize the number of unforgettable days. Thanks to you, my family and I now have many, like well worn pages in a much loved book, that we’ll call up in our memories over and over again. How lucky is that?!!

Thank you so very much again!
— Laura

Hi Lisa!

Your ears must have been ringing...

I was talking to several of my clients about you today, and have shared the link to your company with them. One of my clients travels extensively to Europe (the first time I was there was on their Yacht that they kept there for a couple summers) Here is what I told them … “ I have never travelled so stress free before.. knowing that we would be met at each connection, personable knowledgeable guides, exquisite hotels in great locations and a perfect itinerary everyday with ideas of places to go, the history of the area, and things to remember. We will definitely be using Your World Experience again!”

Highlights of the trip for us.. Venice was a big hit. We loved the Bauer Hotel. Great service, beautiful room. Venice is amazing. We enjoyed our tour with Sylvia, and then just wandering the city. we really enjoyed hiking the Cinque Terra to mix it up after that. Our room there was very nice the breakfast was out of this world.

The Locande in Tuscany was an amazing place, the restaurant there was outstanding, as was the service. We loved exploring Tuscany (got some great wine!) absolutely loved the vineyard that we had lunch at. Wonderful food, and their mission purpose is noteworthy.

We enjoyed Florence also, and ate at some great restaurants there. It was really crowded, so we were glad we shaved a day off there and had one more in Tuscany.

We can’t thank you enough for your time, attention to detail and flawless taste! It is much appreciated ! We will definitely be in touch!

Thanks again,
— Carol

Hello Lisa

I’m sitting at the airport before the next leg of my trip (off to golf) and just thought of you. I’m sure this happened because Laura and I just had the most perfect and romantic getaway of our life. Every stop in Italy and every detail was so incredibly well done, while the guides, staff, or drivers we encountered along the way really cared and welcomed us. The thought and attention you gave to our trip was clearly above and beyond any expectation and I can’t thank you enough.

So enough for now, but so many thanks for everything. I hope you know how good you are at what you do.
— Pete

Hola Lisa,

As you probably saw from the many pictures I posted to FB, my parents had the time of their lives in NYC. Second only to being on Fox and Friends (ug!) was the incredible view they had from their Junior suite. Exceptional service and my parents loved the breakfast and complimentary happy hour. I think they were the first ones to arrive every day! Celia made use of the gym and I reveled on my comfy bed that everyone was happy and having a good time.

Hello Dolly! was incredibly fun and the Shubert is a fantastic little theater with no bad seats. J The rest of the gang got to see the Yankees slam 6 home runs to win 11-1 against the Red Sox. The bus tour, 9/11 museum, pedi-cab ride to Tavern on the Green, and Statue of Liberty day were all perfect.

All in all, it was an over-the-top success and I am relieved beyond measure. I could not have done it without you Lisa. I have even more respect for you today than in the days past, and you were already at the rank of full travel goddess in my eyes. Creating an experience for a group – not just an itinerary – is SO hard. Dealing with diverse food preferences, physical limitations, fears, interests… oy! And doing it in a place like NYC adds layers of complexity. My hat is off to you.

I am grateful beyond words, my friend.
— Jamie

We recently returned home from a wonderful family vacation in Paris. We are a family of four, which includes two boys ages 20 and 17.

We had MANY items on our bucket list and had absolutely no idea how we would check them all off, until I read many reviews and wonderful things people had to say about Lisa and her company. After a thorough discussion with Lisa, she promptly arranged an amazing itinerary that hit all of our requests.

Lisa really paid attention and took notes on our family interests and past experiences and hit the nail on the head planning our trip. Not only did she arrange amazing private tour guides for various venues (Louvre, Versailles, Notre Dame, Montmartre), but she arranged private transportation and many dinner reservations.

The tour guides were extremely knowledgeable and made our experiences much more memorable and informative. Margot and Eric are truly professional and load of fun! I must say, the highlight of our time in Paris was touring Notre Dame. It’s one thing to observe the cathedral, but another thing entirely to take a private tour! It was a very profound and moving experience for all of us.

Thank you, Lisa, for making this a vacation that we will never forget!
— Privacy Requested

Hi Lisa!

We arrived safely back home. Just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making the 2018 Family European Vacation a success!

I could not have done any of it without you! I will be telling everyone I know how fabulous you are.

I truly appreciate your help in the midst of chaos with Italian air workers going on strike and cleaning ladies showing up early to clean. You were exactly what I needed.

Well, rest up lady! Reed graduates in 2 years and his “trip” will be England, Scotland and Ireland.

Au revoir for now!
— Christa

Hello Lisa,

What a lovely trip and one I will never forget. We learned so much and loved being somewhat disconnected from the world. I had no idea what the date was!!!

Overall the trip was flawless and your added touches were lovely. Accommodations were lovely. Hotel Del Parque is a very luxurious hotel with a high end staff that can’t do enough for you. We did learn that Guayaquil is not that safe. Need to be careful where you go and what areas you travel through. Private drivers only and not cabs. We were happy to stay on property at Casa Julian for dinner. Our meal was fabulous and a great way to start the trip. The girls did massages and were thrilled. I did the cocoa experience which was very interesting (representative from Pacari chocolate came and spoke)

Galapagos Safari Camp was exactly what I hoped it would be. Very comfortable tents, nice size, turn down service at night with fresh towels, tea and French press coffee in the room ( made it every morning and sat on our balcony). Food is very impressive at the camp. Great variety and cooked to perfection. Also very accommodating to dietary needs. Katharine and her staff are lovely and we enjoyed learning and interacting with them. Perfect place to stay. Would be difficult accommodations if you had any issues walking as you went down the mountain from the lodge to your tent and hiked up to the lodge.

Travel and transportation were perfect-we felt very cared for at the airports and during the trip Someone was always there for us and escorting us. Mabel in Guayaquil got us through customs and gave us a nice history of Ecuador during the ride.

Itinerary was wonderful and we saw and learned so much. Mauricio, our guide, was so knowledgeable, had a wonderful sense of humor and was so cute with Blake. He really showed us the real Galapagos and if we ever went back I would love to see him again. They were also very accommodating when we decided to have an easier day on our last day-changed the itinerary and we had a ball.

If I were able to return-I would love to cruise Galapagos on a catamaran so I could see more islands. We spent a lot of time getting to an island each day ( although I loved the boat, crew and that experience).

Thanks again for planning this experience of a lifetime!!
— Anne


Was a fantastic trip to New Zealand! We enjoyed being out in nature on a daily basis and spending quality time with Grace. We had wonderful meals at each destination and can share if you have other clients as we found amazing wineries.

White water rafting was superb!
Helicopter to White Island was amazing!
Canyoning in Auckland was a highlight! Definitely recommend!!
The wine tour was a great way to see the winery’s - would recommend!
Polynesian Spa - we upgraded to the “Lake ticket” was a much more quiet and natural experience.

Hiking is so easy -would recommend hikes at the national park and all around Lake Taupo and the Haku waterfall. These are easy to find, trails are well manicured and free. We could have hiked more if we had additional days
Liked Lake Taupo better that Rotorua
Other activities we did - dinner at Devonport Island, walked the three towns of Mission Bay (last town St. H is the cutest) great cafes

We definitely did not let the rain stop us - we packed for inclement weather.

Thank you for all the help - made vacationing easy.
— Kristin


We had a great trip to Paris and your help played a central part in making it a truly memorable experience.

Lunch at Fulgrances was excellent, you should add it to your list of places. Very unique with the changing chef in residence and the food was excellent.

The wine tasting the first night was very good. Our host did a very good job of educating us about French wine and took a lot of the mystery out of how to select. The food was excellent as well. We all enjoyed the experience, even if we were a little tired.

All parties agree that the time spent with our guide, Margot, was excellent. She did a great job in bringing the Marais to life for us and teaching us more about Parisian life, with lots of treats along the way. At the Louvre she made sure we saw all the prime pieces while making the museum feel small and intimate. She was great fun and all of us enjoyed our time with her. All of us concur that when we come back we will want to work with her again. She felt like a very knowledgeable friend showing us around vs a random tour guide.

Your guide was a great help, obviously we did not follow it to the letter, but took it as a baseline. It helped provide structure, but we were not afraid of deviating. Our days were definitely packed. We ended up using the metro quite a bit, which was fun and helped us get a feel for the city.

The Catacombs were really cool/macabre and helped bring a lot of the history and age of Paris in to perspective. We enjoyed the Les Invalides and the tour of Notre Dame. Dinner at the Pershing Hall was great, Crazy Horse was a little more than we expected, but will have a lot of laughs about it over the years I am sure.

Rugby was also really fun and made us feel like locals. Great facility, match and experience.

All in All, I could not have asked for a better first experience in Paris and the rest of the party agree that it was their best visit to Paris.

Thanks for all your help. Sincerely appreciate your efforts in pulling it together at the last minute.

You can be certain, we will be in touch for our next visit.

Thanks again.
— Ed

This was the trip of a lifetime. Thank you so much for all that you set up for us. We will absolutely be passing along your name as so many that even heard of your service was extremely attracted. Please give us a shout when you are in the US, we would love to meet and share with you some stories. Thank you again for everything, this was so awesome!!!!

Paris!! Could not have gone better. The apt was perfect and for the location, worth every cent.
I would not recommend the first fancy restaurant we had reservations to…we got the “American” treatment and paid more than Jules Verne…with less stellar food and experience. Aside from that one thing, EVERYTHING else was amazing!!!!!!!!!! Love Paris!!!!! Nice was perfect…went to Antibes (amazing) and Eze..super amazing!

Less time in Venice, more time in Florence!!!! Florence grabbed our hearts and our tummies!!! So much great food and wine. I will say our tour guide in Venice was amazing and I would recommend her to everyone!!! Rome was mind blowing !!! Fantastic food and apartment location was again perfect!!! We were a little gassed by then, but we still managed to see all we wanted.

Again, your planning was first class, as was your communication - second to none. Thank you again for taking us on a trip of a lifetime!!!
— Mike and Chanen

Hi Lisa,

Firstly, thank you for all of your help planning an amazing vacation!! We had a wonderful time. Paestum was beautiful and definitely worth the trip! Our tour guide told us that the director just opened up the largest temple to visitors (meaning you can actually walk inside the temple among the columns) and it was a breathtaking experience. I would highly recommend it to people interested in antiquities or architecture.

Three nights on Capri was a good decision, I’m glad you had us do that instead of taking day trips. We thoroughly enjoyed the island. We also did do a 2 hour boat ride through the hotel on a day where the waters were calm, and that was 100% worth it. (Although I did pay for it w/motion sickness the rest of the day).

Capri Tiberio Palace MADE our time on Capri. We would stay there again and again for sure. And the lunch trip to Positano was perfect to see that town so we could focus on on other towns during the day drive.

All in all a wonderful trip, and your recommendations were spot-on!

Again - thank you. Now that this is the 2nd trip you’ve planned for us, we are quite confident to see where in the world you will be sending us next :)
— Pauline

Dear Lisa,

I want to thank you for an absolutely spectacular one month itinerary for our trip to France and Italy! Wow, I thought I knew most of our destinations, but with your expertise and attention to EVERY detail, I was charmed all over again!

We loved all of our tours in Paris, and the apartment was spacious with very old Parisian charm-and the balcony was such a lovely touch. I would certainly highly recommend the Catacombs-what a surprise! Having been to Paris several times, I would have missed this without your assistance. Our under the Eiffel Tower tour gave me a totally new appreciation for that beautiful landmark! Oh, the cheese tasting-who knew that the French actually eat butter with their cheese? Not me-but now I do! Our fromagerie (not sure about this!) was thorough in explaining the role of cheese in France-and the tasting was to die for! Definitely would do this every time.

Lisa, the restaurants were wonderful! Small, quaint, beautifully prepared food-actually some of the best French food I have ever had, and the staff at each was very helpful in making the right selections. Thank you so much-and of course, we augmented with wine and champagne! A true vacation!

Booking the trains and having tickets in hand was a brilliant idea, and I will never travel again without proper transports in place. It took all the stress out of our travel, knowing we would arrive with assistance and always be on time for our trains. All the transports you utilized were very professional and prompt. We had an issue where we absolutely COULD NOT exit our TGV in Avignon, and ended up travelling another hour plus to Toulon. I called the gentleman that was to meet us in Avignon, and he agreed to drive the hour and half to pick us up in Toulon! Great service.

Italy-well, what is left to say? We spent almost 3 weeks and you left no stone unturned! The apartment in Venice was appropriately funky and large, and perfectly located. Again, private water taxia service saved the day!

Verona, Florence, Santa Margherita and Rome were beautiful. Loved the Voi Camilla in Rome-highly recommend it. All of our Italian accommodations were perfect and to our liking. A breakfast inclusion is such a lovely plus when travelling!

I am happy to be more specific for you if you wish, but wanted to THANK YOU for creating the perfect trip for old friends! I would not do it without you!

Thank you, Lisa! I know you really put your heart into this itinerary!
— Linda

Hi Lisa,

It was wonderful to hear from you. My time in Paris and Florence was amazing and I had a really great time. I can hardly wait to return—hopefully, during April or may of next year. Your help in selecting and arranging transportation and reservations was most valuable to me, especially in the areas of upgrades. My accommodations in both florence and paris were amazingly good. You really help make a big difference in this area.

The Ritz has several advantages and their service and attention to their guests is the best I have ever experienced. I’m still speechless over the suite - wow!

Thanks again for all the help you give to me during my travels. I rely a great deal on you. I will definitely contact you for my next trip.

Take care, Lisa, and thank you again.
— Bob

Hi Lisa,

We just got home from the Bahamas. I will send a more detailed report, but I have to thank you again for this perfect vacation.

Truly, it was amazing what you put together for us. From the quick stop at the Melia, to the absolutely perfect days at the Cove Eleuthera (our rooms were the absolute BEST, believe me), to the final stop at Atlantis – you got us handled above and beyond our wildest expectations.

We’re all just settling back into things, but I just had to let you know how perfect of a vacation we had. And all thanks to you! You absolutely, positively, ROCK!

This was the best trip we’ve ever had as a family. This is the best trip I’ve ever had, period. And I know it was largely because of you and your talents. Thank you again. You are exceptional at what you do.

Talk to you soon –
— Jim

Thank you!

Italy was amazing!!!!

We loved everything - all the tour guides were fantastic, especially Alessandra in Rome. The transfer folks were also great. Very kind, punctual and informative. The hotel choices were also perfect (beautiful, perfect locations and great breakfasts with very friendly staff) and we enjoyed all the restaurant recommendations. Flawless! Magical!

In Munich the bike tour was a fun way to see Munich highlights, and the tour to the castles was amazing - our tour guide though very, very knowledgeable. The Sofitel had yummy breakfasts, was conveniently positioned, had wonderful staff and also beautiful.

Thank you again!!!!!
— Jennifer

Lisa -

We had a great time. Wow. Kids loved every part and the private tours made the trip. All of them were great and each had their own unique style. Each of the cities blew us away and we’re already starting to talk about a trip back to Italy. I have already mentioned your name to friends who are talking about a trip.

Thanks again for everything. You set us up well with some great folks that took good care of us.

All the best,
— Jeff

Hi Lisa,

First thank you so much for organizing this trip. Michele and I appreciate all the hard work you put into it. The planning was obvious!

Overall it was the trip of a lifetime. We loved everywhere we went but the highlights at least from my perspective were Murano, Portofino, Cinque Terre and Calcio Storico in Florence. Yes! We got back from the Chianti region just in time to witness this unbelievable sporting event.

The Paris tour of Notre Dame cathedral was very special as we got access to areas I know very few go. The tour guides Fernanda, Sylvia, and Alessandra were all wonderful.

The hotels were all fantastic but I think I would give the highest mark to The Belmond in Portofino as our view of the Mediterranean was fantastic. Michele and I would like to return there someday. Michele loved the spectacular suite at the Plaza Athenée - she almost started crying and thanks you for all the treats!!

But best of all was Blake’s face when he saw the Dr. Who pieces you left for him at Plaza Athenée. You should have seen him. He says today that that was still his favorite part! Thank you so much for being so thoughtful!

I need to go now but with the bottom of our hearts we thank you for this trip.

Your friends forever,
— Bob and Michele

Hi Lisa,

Now that we are back home and settling in, we thought we would touch base with you about our trip.

We had an absolutely wonderful time. Thank you for all of your help (and patience) in helping us plan our trip. We don’t think we could have done it without you.

We thought we would give you a run down of some of our impressions about transportation, restaurants, guides, accommodations, etc. so you have a reference for the future. Apologies in advance if this is too long.

Nash, the person who guided us through Heathrow to our connecting flight to Edinburgh, was a godsend. He took out all of the stress and guess work after a long overnight flight. Well worth the cost and highly recommended.

Kevin, the person who transported us from the Edinburgh airport to the Balmoral and took us to Glenkinchie, was as sweet and nice as can be. Easy to talk to, informative, pleasant, etc. Also well worth the cost and highly recommended.

Cameron, who guided us on the Stirling Castle/ Braveheart/Loch Lomond tour, was also nice and sweet. He was in full Scottish dress (kilt and all) and was very knowledgeable about the history of the area we traveled through. He also sang us a couple of songs!

David, our Highlands tour guide for 2 days, was absolutely perfect for us. He was knowledgeable about the history, geography, geologic characteristics, etc. of the places we traveled through. He is also an outdoorsman (a hill walker, as they say in Scotland) and his perspective of the Highlands mountains was something unexpected for us and just added to our overall positive experience with him. The routes he took and recommendations he made were spot on. He was a nice guy and very easy to talk to. We can’t recommend him highly enough.

All four accommodations were lovely and each very special. The Prestonfield House was a little over the top for us so we were glad we only had one night there. But, we were very happy and pleasantly surprised with the upgrade to a suite.

We could not have been more pleased with your services and are happy to recommend you to our family and friends who are planning a trip to Europe.

Thank you again for all of your help and patience. We look forward to working with you again!
— Mike & Margaret

Dearest Lisa,

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for all of your help and planning. We had such a wonderful time in Italy. 🇮🇹 Everything went off without a hitch. I will definitely recommend your services to all of my friends. You simply made this a special vacation and I am grateful for everything you did. Thanks again!😊
— Love, Jennifer ❤


We are back stateside, but would rather be in Italy!! Thanks to you, our trip was fantastic!! I am in awe about how well everything was coordinated and on time. You really are a professional and we are so fortunate to have “accidentally” found you.

You know all the secret spots of Rome, Florence, and Venice, not to mention Paris as well. Dino was our driver in Rome and he was so pleasant and patient with our family. Irene was such a gem!! We begged to her come visit us in the US and praying she takes us up on the invitation. Our private Vatican tour was worth getting up bright and early for!

As we explored Ancient Rome, Irene shared with us her vast knowledge of all things related to art, history, food, and shopping.

The quiet, more intimate moments spent in the van with our young adult girls will always be something that I will treasure. We laughed and had lots of memories made due to your experienced team!

Once we moved onto to Venice and met up with Ziggy and Sylvia, we knew we were in good hands once again!

The private tour of Venice and the outer islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello via a beautiful water taxi were nothing short of amazing! It was refreshing to get out and see a different way of life on these smaller islands. Murano and the Venetian glass making were fascinating to witness.
Sylvia was accommodating, punctual, and a delight to be with for two days in Venice.

I have been daydreaming about the vacation and all the new discoveries I made while in Italy.
Lisa, you are dedicated and determined to make sure your clients have a personalized trip no matter their wants, needs, and desires. From suggestions to the actual reservations, to the printing of train and museum tickets, all is handled well in advance. There is no struggling, no worries and if something should change, you are available and ready to help.

Until our next trip, we will have just to draw on our precious memories and perfect vacation that you helped create.

You are talented, brilliant, and unique in your services.

Many thanks!
— April and family

I have been truly blessed to be on both ends of a “YOUR WORLD EXPERIENCE” trip to Europe!!

Experience # 1
My wife and I were guests of my CEO who had hired Lisa to arrange a week in Paris for 16 couples. As avid travelers , my wife and I were totally blown away by the remarkable attention to detail of every facet of the trip. From the driver at the train station (who knew our names), to the fine dining private experiences in the Louvre and Eiffel Tower, every part of every day was meticulously planned. I quickly realized that whether you wanted center court at Roland Garros, reservations at an exclusive restaurant, or just a scenic day on the Seine after a morning at Giverny, Lisa could make it happen!! We still don’t know when or how Lisa slept? She was available 24/7. This was an experience of a lifetime.

Experience #2
I hired Lisa to arrange a “guys only” 60th birthday celebration trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. I got to see first hand how hard Lisa worked behind the scenes in finding the best venues, at the best times, with the best service. The folks who drove us to and from the distilleries, the Highlands, and the golf course, were the kindest and nicest we had ever met. An exclusive dinner in the “Collection Room” at the Scotch Whiskey Experience” will be something no one in our group will ever forget. Accommodations for “the birthday bash” at the Prestonfield House were first class…including upgraded suites, personal wine selections, and a custom designed birthday cake shaped as a bottle of MacCallen 12!! Every detail was covered. Lisa went beyond creative when she actually had her husband join the “Scotch Whiskey Society” just so our group could visit, taste test cask only whiskey, and dine in their private members only facility. If you want it, Lisa can arrange it.

Can’t wait to hire Lisa for our third “World Experience”
— Dave Lloyd, Lancaster PA

Hello Lisa,

Happy 4th of July. I first want to apologize for my delay in closing with you. It has been hectic for me since I returned from my trip. I had an incredible time in Paris. Renting an apartment made all the difference in my getting a very different perspective of the French and its culture.

I can’t begin to thank you enough for the recommendations and support you provided to me before and during my stay in Paris. I especially wish to thank you for connecting me to the apartment rental service—it was a great and experience-changing recommendation. I will always thank and remember you for doing this. I have already started to plan for my next stay in Paris. Staying in two apartments added to the overall experience for me. Both were excellent and of outstanding quality but in several respects were very, very, different. I would readily stay at either place and I hope one of them is open for my next stay.

Having a chef cook us dinner was the highlight of my stay. My friends loved it and we still talk about it. Your add great value to a trailer like me in offering the opportunity to experience this type of event. Based on my life prior to my trip, the thought of engaging a chef would have never crossed my mind. In addition to the offering these unique experiences those whom you do business are nothing less but outstanding and professional. This same thanks can be applied to the tours/guides you offer. All my past guides were expert in their knowledge/subject and all exceptionally kind and professional.

The Chenenceau tour was amazing. It was a place I have wanted to visit for several years. Helene was amazing and most patient with me in speaking and practicing my French. I told her that on my next trip to France I will definitely look into booking a full day tour. I have a great deal of knowledge about the personalities, events, and history of Chenenceau, yet Helene was able to add some new information and historical facts about the

In summary my trip was a 10 and your support was an 11—which made the great fun I had while on vacation possible. I look forward continuing working with you on my future travel plans.
— Bob

Hello Lisa,

Wow - we are happy to be home, but I just wanted to get back to you with a proper thank you for all the help you gave us to make it such a memorable trip!

Venice was just wonderful, and I’m so happy you suggested an escort - it is so complicated a process, and we were pretty tired on the way in. Elisa (spelling?) was very helpful and the result so worth the cost. We actually found Acqua Pazza the first day for lunch, so we got to enjoy it twice. It was our favorite. The Guggenheim went just as you said it would, and Vino de Arturo was just amazing - with all the celebrity around it, it was so interesting, but the food had the starring role! As did the people of Venice - just lovely.

Gritti Palace was also a great suggestion we enjoyed. We missed out on Harry’s, but Terry had been to the one in London. When we met Ziggy on the way to the airport in Venice - I was suitably impressed with all her expertise.

Then, we come to our London experience! The car service airport trips were great - very professional! The Dean Street Townhouse treatment was superb (Sandra putting us in the perfect quieter back room so we could talk together easily and making sure we were safely tucked in taxis she had called). Everyone was happy, but I would say I adored my meal. Donna was a most amazing fountain of information at the Tower tour. She handled the day perfectly presenting us with a lot of information in the best and most interesting way.

Getting to meet Simon at Nopi was such a treat. I loved that he dropped by to say hello. We also enjoyed Nopi’s food and atmosphere as well. The London Zoo as both even better than expected! Terry got plenty of information for his report to the Smithsonian Zoo, we got great behind the scenes watching a tiger feeding from 2 feet, actually feeding the Aardvarks, petting the Gallapagos tortoises, and we saw an original copy of Darwin’s Origin of the Species in the Zoological library! The Shangri-La was phenomenal in so many ways - I loved laying my head on the pillow at night and looking at the Eye. We also learned first hand about London fog.

We walked and walked, explored and just had a generally unbelievable trip! I basically ate and drank my way through the two beautiful cities because my dietary restrictions of gluten and butter in the states don’t seem to apply across the pond. I was truly a happy girl even though I now need a sincere diet prior to Christmas parties.

I got the credit with my husband and friends, but we know who really deserves it. I just can’t say enough good things and can’t say thank you enough to you. I made sure my mates knew how to reach you for future help, and am always willing to give you a recommendation any other way you can think about.

Until our next trip, all our best to you!
— Susan


We had an AMAZING trip! Everything was absolutely incredible that you set up. Some notables:

1. We loved all the guides. It would be difficult to pick from best to least as they were all so good, and appropriate for their area.
2. We were most appreciative that you had someone escort us through CDG on our flight out. That place is a total nightmare and there is no way we would have made our connecting flight without him.
3. The water taxi in Venice was a great way to start the trip and we really appreciated Ziggy sticking around waiting for us for an hour as we tried to locate Steph’s luggage.
4. All our hotels were phenomenal!

We have already given your name out and will be posting some of our pictures on Facebook with a recommendation for you. We could not have done this trip without you and can’t thank you enough!
— Peter & Stephanie


Everything was awesome- and according to my daughter -“The best ever!”

We were met by Grant and our guide, Nigel, at the hotel and proceeded according to plan to do all were scheduled to do on the itinerary. It was perfect! We met Paul the zoo handler who was so entertaining and engaging with the kids -I just was thinking, at the time, “yeah it doesn’t get any better than this.” Koalas, Kangaroos, platypus- a nine year old girls dream. She is still glowing several hours later. Then on to lunch and Manly Beach for a bike ride which was just as awesome as the zoo! Pam and I smiled the entire day.

Australia is amazing! Thank you so much for arranging our wonderful day. We head home tomorrow and honestly don’t want to leave Sydney and Australia. It has been a wonderful holiday - truly wonderful.

And, thank you for all you have done for us this season. We will definitely use your service in the future and spread the word of your spectacular service. After all we got in touch with you via a recommendation from a friend! We’ll talk soon!
— Lou


I wanted to follow-up and thank you deeply for guiding us through our vacation plans. The experience was beyond our expectations and (having just come back) we are still processing it all.

There was so much happening every day - we took 7,000 photos! Every detail worked perfectly. We loved doing photos with Lindsey, staying at hotel Esprit St Germain, all the information you had compiled for us about the sites to see (and all the specialty knowledge within), the VIP vehicle service and drivers, Laurie was so nice as well! I also cannot say enough about the company you paired us with in Rome. They matched us with Catia and she was absolutely amazing at getting us to see the Vatican, Colosseum, and Roman Forums in a single day - she would use her charm everywhere we went (employees at sites) and got us in the front of any line anywhere (even security screening lines) and also added (on the fly) special access to parts of the Vatican such as the Cabinet of Masks.

I don’t think I can thank you enough for customizing our plans - you made our vacation absolutely amazing!

Shall I keep you updated on future travel plans when we are in the planning stages!
— Tim


We just wanted to thank you for your assistance in making our trip to Ireland and and the UK care and stress-free. We absolutely had such a wonderful trip abroad and cannot wait to return next year (hopefully Paris and Italy). If we do, we will contact you again. Everything you did for us is truly appreciated and without your input and assistance, it wouldn’t have been as enjoyable. By the way, the driver in Wales (Noah) was beyond superb...we thoroughly enjoyed his company, his knowledge and guidance.

Thank you again, we feel so fortunate to have connected with you and only wish we could’ve met you in person. All I can say is we did NOT want to come home so that’s a pretty good indication that we WILL be back!!

Have a wonderful week and take good care.
— Natalie

Hi Lisa

Now that I am settling back to our life, just wanted to say that this was a trip of a lifetime for our family. We loved Italy and can’t wait to go back. Kids want to do more adventure stuff and my wife/I wanted to spend more time in Florence. All the side trips to Pompeii, Amalfi coast, Pisa, Lucca, Sienna, San Gimignano, Dolomites - were wonderful.

Thanks for such a well planned itinerary - we had plenty time to relax and enjoy everything!
— Somdipta

Fellow lovers of Paris:

To make your experience truly unique and enjoyable please contact Lisa. She’s the one to provide you with the best trip you could ever imagine and it’s tailored to what you want to see and do. She’s been my trusted guide for my last 2 visits. I’ve been to Paris many times but when Lisa helped me I was able to see things that I wouldn’t have known about on my own. She’s very professional and there to help if you need her. I wouldn’t go back without contacting her.
— Deborra

Dear prospective client,

I contacted Lisa to help me organize a trip for my family of five plus my in laws… so 7 people, 3 generations, lots of opinions!

At first I signed up only for the single phone call, I questioned how much value someone who didn’t know us could add. We were not on the phone for long when I realized Lisa’s help would be invaluable. She organized our wish list into a wonderful and sensible itinerary and gave us many additional wonderful ideas. A few days after our call I received our comprehensive itinerary. I was amazed by the detail!

Lisa not only helped us to plan our itinerary, she booked all of our restaurants, she obtained the tickets to attractions we wanted in advance and she organized the most amazing day trip to Normandy. Once we arrived, used our plan, ate in the restaurants and met our Normandy guide we were all amazed at how spot-on her recommendations were.

Vacation stress can come from difficulty navigating, trouble choosing and pleasing everyone. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa to anyone planning a trip to Paris. You get Lisa’s intimate knowledge of Paris, but you also get access to her curated and wonderful network. She will keep you on track (your itinerary contains details about how to get from A to B), you will always know where you are and what things are around you even if not on your itinerary.
Lisa’s service is a wonderful value, we are so glad we made this choice!
— Elaine

Hi Lisa, The trip to Paris was absolutely fantastic! I cannot thank you enough for helping us plan everything along the way. You will definitely be recommended to everyone should they be vacationing in France! It was a pleasure to work with you! Thank you!
— Laura

Dear Lisa, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again! Having heard snippets about your work over the past couple of years, I just knew we had to call upon your wonderful insight and passion for Paris to help us plan our weekend break. Your recommendations and detailed itinerary were invaluable and ensured we could make the most of our trip – incorporating both the key tourist sites along with some lovely streets, parks and shops that we would definitely have missed without your help! We had an amazing time and are already planning a springtime trip in the near future – we have certainly fallen in love with this wonderful city! Thank you so much again.
— Rachel & Mike

Hi Lisa, The four of us had a fabulous time in The City of Light! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I believe we are still all on our Paris high, even after a week of being home! The apt was lovely and spacious... a great location and terrific view! Our days were hectic and busy but we saw everything we planned on seeing. Restaurants were all unique and different, and food and wine choices were many. Flora was an excellent guide at Versailles, it was a pleasure to spend the day with her. And the SHOPPING……….. fantastique!!!!! We all so appreciated your guidance, suggestions, and MAPS!!!! Your professional services gave us the opportunity to see Paris with ease and with an abundance of information which certainly added to our overall enjoyment and fun. We are all thinking about our next trip together in 2016……….. A return to Paris is on our list of possibilities. We will certainly keep you in mind should we decide to return! Merci again for your help. Will check you out on Facebook!! It was a pleasure to get to know you!
— Lynne

Dear Lisa, Just a word of thanks for all you did to make our week in Paris so lovely! Dinner last night at Goust was heavenly and the champagne you arranged for us to sip before dinner was delicious. What a nice gesture and we so appreciated it! Our Privileged Opéra Garnier tour with Sophie was unbelievable! We loved every minute and it was so special to be able to learn about the Palais Garnier with her. Really an amazing experience! Thank you very much again. We will definitely return and will also pass your name along to any of our friends who are planning a trip to Paris. Kindest regards,
— Robyn, Ken & Hilary

Hi Lisa, I’m at the Lyon airport about to leave for Amsterdam, and wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help with Paris. We enjoyed each day we had there, including the private tours of the Louvre, Giverny and Versailles. The 4 hour driving “tour” was also perfect for us, as was lunch at 39V Restaurant. It could not have gone smoother and I’m so very pleased at how it all turned out. My mother was so happy, which is all that I really wanted to achieve. Thanks again, Lisa. Your support and help was invaluable, and I truly and deeply appreciate all that you have done! Best regards,
— Joyce